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Trade Logistics

Trade & Logistics Department has formally opened trade business since its establishment in late 2016. For the purpose of recovering capital from overseas, cultivating trade team, producing profit quota and developing new-type industries, by virtue of management platform, by way of fostering the sale team, improving logistics operation, and intensifying overseas procurement, and relying on Sinoma’s advantages, it expands sales channels, stabilizes purchase of source of goods, and gradually secure the market share and maintain profitable.   

Trade Section, since its foundation, involves trade products including sesame, peanuts, building materials, machinery, cement and minerals etc. A scientific and efficient trade operation model has been established. And regional procurement system was also set up in Africa. Diversified sales channels were developed in China, with a system of financial services suitable for trade completed. Being cautious and meticulous in multi-level aspects such as procurement, logistics and sales etc., we have made significant achievement in cost reduction.   

  • Refresh on the industrial trends

    Track market by appointed professionals, and provide suggestion on trade. 

  • Establish professional sales team

    Set up Qingdao office and employ domestic sales professional and gradually nurture a dedicated sales team.

  • Establish procurement system

    Establishing a procurement system in line with local conditions by relying on the local resources, funds and contacts of the subsidiary office, and then setting up a local processing plant to reduce intermediate costs and increase procurement flexibility.

  • Integrate logistics resources

    Perform oversea logistic by taking advantage of Sinoma Cargo on vehicle and vessel with better terms on price. Employ professional logistic company to take care of imported custome clearance and storage for agriculture. 

  • Establish complete business statistics procedures and trading process management

    From none to one, the Trade Section has formulated and implemented multiple internal operation specifications and related regulations. Trade and business statistics and daily business records are handled by the dedicated persons to ensure accuracy and integrity

  • Supported by professional accounting personnel

    Trade Section involves various aspects of finance. Professional staff is assigned by the finance department of Sinma (Nanjing) to guide and standardize the business operations.


Sinoma Cargo (Shanghai) Internationa Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as “Sinoma Cargo”) is a specialized international engineering logistics company owned by Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd. (subordinated to CNBM) and a joint venture with Qingdao Smart Cargo International Logistics Co., Ltd.  

Sinoma Cargo focus on developing localized logistic service. Supported by good resources of Sinoma Nanjing project execution and advantageous network of Smart Cargo, it starts oversea business in full swing. Being managed by parent company with good customer relation maintenance, it builds promising and trusting relations with both customer and client. It aims for leading company in logistic industry. So far branches have been built in Africa, Southeast Asia.