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Smart Management System

Smart Management System includes company’s internal control system and e-commerce system, which can help users realize a supply chain based on flattening, specialization, and intensification and information control. It provides users with an Internet + based smart supply chain integration platform and build an integrated procurement function module to meet the enterprise’s supply chain demand. We will build a closed-loop full process management system for procurement based on the financial and business integration, apply various procurement methods flexibly to achieve optimal procurement cost and achieve cloud deployment for procurement and sales and build an integrated e-commerce platform for purchasing and sales. Based on the Internet, electronic sales can change the traditional sales mode, and achieve online electronic procurement, improve procurement efficiency, help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. With help of the implementation of the intelligent logistics system, we are able to achive the efficient coordination of all links of the supply chain, and reduce cost of supply chain. Save the enterprise capital, better manage the whole process of perspectives, standardization and each area of the supply chain, and finally guarantee the deep mining and analysis of big data in the whole process of the supply chain, strengthen the customer viscosity, and safeguard the production operation.